Ambleside WwTW



Project Value
Industry Sector
Water & Wastewater, Reinforced Concrete Structures
Client Company
advance JV
Project Timescale
DJI 0617
DJI 0609
DJI 0616
DJI 0610
DJI 0612

advance JV was appointed by United Utilities on Ambleside WwTW. Tasked with the design and build to minimize future plant discharges of raw sewage into to lake Windermere.

Westshield were appointed by advance JV to carry out the following:

The Technical Aspect:

  • Construction of new FST tank within a sheet piled cofferdam, 15m diameter 8m deep, mass fill base 400m3 , sloped structural benching slab, internal hopper and platform for sludge bridge, insitu 5m high RC radius walls
  • 3m diameter x 5m deep RAS pumping station, associated pipework, and couplings
  • 5m deep x 4m diameter distribution chamber, including pipework, internal weir walls and mass fill for anti-flotation
  • Several large RC slabs for mounting process plant 
  • Temporary works designs for the RC works including radius walls up to 5m high, cast individually in quarters to complete the 15m diameter tank