Middlewood Plaza, Salford 



Project Value
Industry Sector
Civil Engineering
Client Company
United Living
Project Timescale
17 Weeks
Middlewood Plaza Manchester3
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Middlewood Plaza is a high quality residential development of 127 homes with mixed tenure and shared ownership units. The Plaza is located within the Salford Middlewich Locks mega development and benefits from excellent transport links .

Westshield were engaged to deliver the substructure works to the mixed 6, 8 and 10 storey interconnected buildings.

The Technical Aspect:

  • Excavate 3400m3 to form foundation
  • Install piling mat of 150mm single sized overlain with quarried 6F5
  • Cut back 797 piles forming contiguous wall
  • Form 39 multi pile grouped pile caps
  • Cast 321m of 1m deep capping beam to contiguous wall
  • Cast 123 lin m of 1m deep ground RC beams
  • Cast 1400m2 of 225mm thick rc ground slab on 250mm bed of MOT sub-base
  • Cast RC liner  wall to inner face of contiguous wall
  • All concrete was Calcite waterproofing high strength designed mix