Newton Building, Salford University



Project Value
Industry Sector
Civil Engineering and Reinforced Concrete Structures
Client Company
Salford University
Project Timescale
3-6 Months

Replacement of Strong Floor in the testing laboratory of the Newton Building, Salford University, M5 4WT.

The existing strong floor, which was installed circa. 3 years ago, had to be removed due to localised pull-out failures of the cast in anchors. The existing reinforced concrete floor was approximately 750mm thick, and given the proximity of adjacent building it was removed using hydro-demolition techniques to minimise vibrations.

The Technical Aspect:

The new floor shall be utilised for both educational and commercial activities, and is the highest capacity testing floor of its kind in Europe. The heavily reinforced concrete floor consists of 90 anchors, positioned on a grid to harness vertical testing loads from the laboratory equipment, up to 500 kN per anchor. In order to eliminate vertical elongation of the anchor under testing conditions, each anchor was post tensioned to permanently induce vertical movement.

The floor was designed and constructed to extremely tight tolerances due to the geometry of the existing testing equipment and precision required under testing conditions to record precise movements of the elements under consideration.

The removal of the existing and construction of the new floor was undertaken during a window of opportunity between commercial testing projects to ensure minimal disruption to the University.