North Lane, Astley



Project Value
Industry Sector
Water & Wastewater
Client Company
Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions
Project Timescale
Mar 2013 – Sept 2014
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North Lane
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 United Utilities appointed Balfour Beatty as the main contractor on a cluster of their flooding elevation programme.

The contract was to eliminate potential flooding from the local sewer network into the residential properties by installing the detention tank to provide off-line storage.


Westshield appointed to deliver: 

Installation of three weir chambers, new overflow pipelines and 2000m3 overflow detention tank along with several sections of open-cut pipeline around the adjacent estate

Artesian ground pressures required deep well points inserting for the installation of a detention tank consisting of 5 No wells at 30m deep and 2 No wells installed at 15m deep. These were in the main glacial gravel layer where the artesian groundwater conditions were encountered. The water table was controlled by the wells and monitored to stop any potential heave whilst carrying out the works

The Technical Aspect:

  • 2000m3 combined sewerage detention tank, divided into two chambers; primary & secondary tank chambers
  • 525mm dia flood relief sewer from Windsor Ave/Cranworth Ave combined sewer to the proposed detention tank
  • 525mm dia flood relief sewer from St Ambrose Rd combined sewer to the proposed detention tank
  • 450mm dia flood relief sewer from North Lane combined sewer to the proposed detention tank
  • Combined sewerage spill weir chambers on Windsor Ave/Cranworth Ave; St Ambrose Rd; North Lane; scum boards on weirs
  • Sewer upsizing in St Ambrose Rd
  • 150/225mm dia flood relief sewer from Willow Ave to the existing Willow Lane Sewer
  • Abandonment of existing cross-connection between existing combined sewer & existing surface water sewer in North Lane
  • Return pumping station within wet well incorporated within the detention tank
  • Rising mains & discharge chambers
  • Gravity sewer returning flows to existing combined sewer in North Lane
  • Surface water relief tank-sewer including a 600mm diameter storage section