Reliance Street, Newton Heath



Project Value
Industry Sector
Civil Engineering
Client Company
I&H Brown
Project Timescale
3-6 Months
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The scheme was for the enabling works for the compound area prior to the commencement of the main project to upgrade the facility at Reliance Street, Newton Heath which is part of the Greater Manchester Waste PFI contract

The Technical Aspect:

The activity schedule consisted of the following:-

  • Site strip of existing top soil and stockpile in designated area on site
  • Cut and fill to site compound area approx 1350m² compact using Bomag roller
  • Lay Terram to access road / car parking / exit approx 1350m²
  • Lay and compact 6F2 Material 150mm thick 1350m²
  • Lay and Compact MOT type 1 material over parking area and access
  • Excavate and construct foundation pads for cabins 100mm above finished level
  • Break into existing mnahole for foul connection for drainage from cabin
  • Excavate & lay 100mm soil pipe from cabins to existing manhole including bends
  • plastic inspection chambers
  • Excavate & lay 100mm ducting for water connection to cabins & backfill 50lm
  • Excavate & lay 100mm ducting for power supply to cabins & drawcord 50lm
  • 1 no. road crossing for ducting, excavate and reinstate 6m x 1m x 1m deep